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Sour Patch: The Perfect Mix of Sweet and Sour

If you’re looking for a snack that’s both sweet and sour, look no further than Sour Patch! These delicious candies are a fan favorite for their unique taste and texture, making them a go-to snack for people of all ages.

The History of Sour Patch

Sour Patch was first introduced in the late 1970s by a candy company called Jaret International. Originally called Mars Men, these candies were shaped like little aliens and were marketed as a sour alternative to the popular sweet candy, Swedish Fish.

Over time, the candy evolved into the recognizable Sour Patch Kids that we know and love today. In 1985, the company was bought by Cadbury Schweppes and then later sold to Mondelez International in 2012. Despite changing hands a few times, the candy has remained a beloved snack for generations.

The Flavors of Sour Patch

Sour Patch comes in a variety of flavors, including the classic sour and fruity flavors like cherry, lemon, lime, and orange. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Sour Patch also has a line of “Xploderz” candies that have a sour shell and a sweet interior, with flavors like berry blast and apple attack. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try out the “Fire” line of candies, which have a spicy kick to them.

Why We Love Sour Patch

What makes Sour Patch so special is its unique combination of flavors and textures. The sour coating wakes up your taste buds, while the sweet center balances it out. Plus, the chewy texture makes it a satisfying snack that you can enjoy for a while.

But Sour Patch isn’t just a tasty snack – it’s also a fun one! The colorful candies are perfect for sharing with friends and family, and they’re a great addition to any movie night or road trip.

Where to Find Sour Patch

If you’re craving some Sour Patch, you can find them at most convenience stores and supermarkets. They’re also available online if you prefer to have them delivered right to your door. And if you’re really a fan, check out the Sour Patch website for merchandise like t-shirts, socks, and even a Sour Patch Kids onesie!

Sour Patch is a snack that’s both sweet and sour, making it a fan favorite for generations. With a variety of flavors and textures, it’s no wonder that people can’t resist this candy. Whether you’re sharing with friends or enjoying them on your own, Sour Patch is the perfect mix of fun and flavor.