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Liu Liu Mei Green Plum (Original) - 136g
LiuLiuMei Green Plums is a moderately sweet and sour snack. It is made by selected fresh plums and added sugar and salt to make this delicious preserved fruit. The sweet and sour taste is suitable for pairing with tea as...
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Si Hong Enucleated Jujube - 1000g
Si Hongs Jujube sweetness makes it great for fresh eating or dehydrating. Unlike other jujubes, when dried, Si Hong has fine wrinkles on its skin surface. Very reliable bearing.
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Si Hong Walnut Stuffed Red Date - 500g
Si Hong Walnut Stuffed Red Date - 500g
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Philippine Dried Mango - 3.53oz
Philippine dried mangoes are known for their premium cuts of carabao mango, a variety that is more abundant in the Philippines and is more efficient to use because of its thick flesh. Because of the high quality of this raw...

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