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Originating in Indonesia, Kopiko is a well-known brand of coffee and coffee candy. The company's premium coffee and its distinctive coffee and cappuccino candies, which are created with actual coffee extract, are well-known throughout Asia. They have earned a reputation for using premium coffee beans in their coffee and actual coffee extract in their candies to give them a robust and genuine coffee flavor.

Kopiko offers a range of coffee products, including ready-to-drink coffee, 3-in-1 coffee mixes and their famed coffee candy. Made with high-quality coffee beans and a touch of sweetness, these products deliver a delicious coffee experience that will leaving wanting more.

If you're a cappuccinos afficionado, you'll fall in love with Kopiko cappuccino candy. It’s creamy, dreamy flavor and real coffee extract, it's like having a cappuccino in your pocket that you can enjoy anytime! Perfect for when you need a little something sweet and satisfying.

So why settle for plain old candy when you can have Kopiko coffee and cappuccino candy? Indulge your sweet tooth and your love of coffee at the same time with Kopiko - it's the perfect combination!

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