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Why Binggrae Milk is Korea's #1 Fruit Flavored Milk

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Binggrae Milk is the best-selling flavored milk drink in Korea. It's been around as one of the original Korean flavored milk drinks, and is known for its creamy texture and sweet flavor.

Binggrae has a variety of flavors with everyone having their favorite. Binggrae Milk offers six different flavors: banana milk, strawberry milk, melon milk, lychee and peach milk.

It's made with real fruit juice instead of artificial flavoring so it tastes very refreshing!


A Quick History of Binggrae Milk

Binggrae Milk is a fruit flavored milk drink made with real fruit juice. It was first introduced in 1974 and has been popular ever since.

The original Binggrae Milk bottle design, a hexagon shaped plastic bottle, was inspired by traditional Korean jars. It continues to maintain its top spot as the #1 fruit flavored milk in Korea, with more than 5 million cases sold each year.


What Does Binggrae Milk Taste Like?

Binggrae Milk has a delicious selection of flavors with banana as the original. Strawberry was released shortly after with melon and lychee and peach to follow. All the Binggrae Milk flavors have a creamy and milky taste with a slight sweetness arising from the fruit juice.


Is Binngrae Milk Healthy for You?

As a fruit flavored milk drink made with real fruit juice, Binngrae Milk is a healthy beverage, and great alternative to soda and coffee.

Binggrae flavored milk is pure from the goodness of nature. Rich with calcium, protein, vitamin A, and vitamin C, Binggrae Milk can be healthy and delicious.


Why Binggrae Milks are so popular in Korea?

Binggrae banana milk, strawberry milk, melon milk and lychee milk are the #1 fruit flavored drink in Korea. If you're unfamiliar with Binggrae's fruit-flavored milks, then it may be time to give them a try!

Binggrae is the leading producer of fruit-flavored milk drinks in Korea. They've been making these delicious beverages since 1975 when they launched their first product: Binggrae Banana Milk. The Binggrae Milk drinks are nutrient rich because they were originally made to address malnutrition in the country. The fresh delicious taste paired with its healthy nutritional factors have made the Binggrae milk drinks the most popular in Korea.



It’s clear that Binggrae Banana Milk, Strawberry Milk, Melon Milk and Lychee Milk are a favorite in Korea. Why? Well, there are many different reasons but you should give it a try and you might see yourself love it too! If you’re looking for a delicious compliment to Binggrae Milk, there are also Binggrae Melona ice cream bars. It is the perfect frozen treat to keep you cool!

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