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What is the Difference Between Pocky, Pejoy, and Pepero?

pocky vs pejoy vs pepero


Pocky is a Japanese snack food, produced by Ezaki Glico. It is chocolate-coated biscuit sticks with a thin layer of crunchy cookie at one end.

The name comes from the Japanese word ‘pokkuri’ (ぽっくり), which translates as ‘to be surprised’ and the snack's stick shape is supposed to resemble a straw (straws were originally called ‘pocky’ in Japan), often referred to as pocky sticks.

The Pocky brand was introduced in 1966 by Ezaki Glico as a variation on the popular Pretz stick. The name Pocky comes from the sound the biscuit stick makes when it breaks in half.

There are numerous delicious flavors of pocky but the original and most well-known version is the pocky chocolate flavor. Many of the varieties of pocky are Japan only, country specific releases, or limited editions.

Some other available pocky flavors include Pocky Strawberry, Pocky Matcha, Pocky Cookies and Cream, Pocky Almond Crush, Pocky Crunchy Strawberry, Pocky Blueberry Yogurt, Pocky Tasty Milk and Butter, Pocky Choco Mint, Pocky Banana Cream, and Pocky Winter Butter Caramel.

Pocky Day

Pocky is so beloved, it has acquired its own holiday. Pocky Day is a holiday on November 11th that celebrates the Japanese snack Pocky. The holiday is observed on November 11th because the date, 11/11, resembles the shape of the Pocky stick.

On this day, people all over the world enjoy Pocky and share it with friends and loved ones.

Pocky Day has become a widespread cultural phenomenon, with social media posts and online activity about the holiday increasing each year. It's a fun and tasty way to celebrate Japanese culture and indulge in a delicious snack!

celebrate pocky day


Pejoy is also a biscuit stick produced by Ezaki Glico with a twist on the original Pocky sticks. Contrary to the Pocky sticks which have a layer of chocolate on the outside, Pejoy sticks are biscuit sticks with a chocolate filling the center.

Available flavors of Pejoy are Pejoy Chocolate, Pejoy Cookies and Cream, Pejoy Matcha, and Pejoy Mint.



Pepero is a cookie stick with a light, crisp texture and chocolate covering similar to Pocky. However, it is manufactured by the Lotte Confectionery corporation of South Korea. It can be considered as the Korean version of Pocky.

The company has produced Pepero sticks since 1982, but they did not become popular until 1988 when they were advertised as a gift for students during exams.

Pepero Day

As like Pocky, the popularity and love of Pepero has created a holiday, Pepero Day (빼빼로), on November 11th - the date 11/11 resembling the Pepero sticks. The day has become so popular that it is now celebrated worldwide by fans of the snack all over the world.

On Pepero Day, people exchange snacks with their friends and loved ones to celebrate the occasion and enjoy the holiday together. People also take photos with their snacks and post them on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #빼빼로데이.


Pocky vs Pejoy vs Pepero

Pocky, Pejoy, and Pepero all share similarities that make them delicious snacks with slight nuances that differentiate them. With the expansive variety of flavors that each of the biscuit sticks have, the only way to determine the best would be to try them all for yourself and begin a tasty adventure.

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