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What is Konjac Shuang?

what is konjac shuang

Konjac Shuang is a tasty snack that extremely popular in Asia. Marinated in spices, it is a treat for any spice lover. The texture is initially reminiscent of something like jelly fish, a slight chewiness with a crunch when biting down, but Konjac Shuang is actually made from konjac, a root vegetable that grows in parts of Asia.

The most popular brand is Wei Long Konjac Shuang, which is available in three flavors (Hot and Spicy, Hot and Sour, and Sichuan/Szechwan Spicy). Packaged into individual servings that can be enjoyed on the go, many in Asia pick it up as a snackΒ for convenience stores on their commute.

Eating just one can be a challenge as they can finish fast!

Weilong Konjac Shuang Flavors - Sour & Hot, Hot & Spicy, Szechwan Sichuan Spicy

What does Konjac Shuang Taste Like?

Marinated in spices, the Konjac Shuang snack is perfect for any fan of spicy. It is extremely savory and packed with flavor. The Hot and Spicy offers a pure spice sensation while the Hot and Sour has a pleasant hint of sourness provided by the addition of pickled chilis and the Sichuan/Szechwan Spicy has a mild spice numbing sensation reminiscent of Sichuan/Szechwan cuisine.

What is Konjac Shuang Made Of?

Konjac Shuang is made from the konjac root vegetable, which has a fairly neutral, barely salty taste and is enjoyed in Asia more for its texture than its flavor. It is often used in Asian desserts for its jello-like texture in products such as drinkable konjac jelly. Konjac is also used a thickening agent in sauces and soups as a vegan substitute for gelatin in cooking and has a slippery, jelly-like texture. When used in that form, it is sometimes referred to as 'yam flour' or 'konjac powder'.

Konjac Shuang Ingredients JellyB Drinkable Konjac Fruit Jelly

Is Konjac Good for You?

As a plant, konjac is low in calories and has a high fiber content, making it a popular choice for people looking to incorporate healthy ingredients into their diet.

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