Ligo Sardine Extra-Hot - 5.5oz
Enjoy an authentic taste of the Philippines with Ligo canned Sardines in Tomato Sauce with Chili. This delicious blend will help to diversify your home meal rotation by introducing a great new source of protein to your diet. Serve up...
Ligo Sardines in Chili Tomato Sauce - 5.5oz
Ligo Sardines in Tomato Sauce & Chilli are very tasty and made from tomato paste, chilli, water, salt, and pepper. Sardines are ideal as an ingredient in savory noodle and wok dishes. The tender meat of the Philippine sardines combines...
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Ligo Sardines in Tomato Sauce - 5.5oz
Ligo Sardines is well-known for its excellent taste worldwide. It comes in different flavors and variants to suit the diverse palette of the market. Ligo Sardines use imported fish from Morocco, Japan and Venezuela, packed with thick and rich sauce...

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